Unlock Your Valuable Factory Data

Banner's Snap Signal family of plug-and-play products

Snap Signal is an easily deployable, complete portfolio of modular IIoT hardware and software that delivers actionable machine data. It’s an overlay network that can capture data signal from virtually any source and converts them to a single industry-standard protocol. It then distributes the data for quick and easy consumption.

Flexibility to monitor key equipment within one area or your whole facility


DXMR90 Controller

An IIoT enabling industrial controller that transmits information from multiple sources simultaneously in a unified protocol for real-time analysis and consumption. The DXMR90 is also capable of edge processing through logic and data manipulation.

S15A Adapter

S15A in-line adapters easily redirect wiring from one pin to another to match specific application requirements. The compact adapters are designed to connect directly to sensors, indicators, or other devices. This allows you to begin operating immediately.


Banner’s converters are compact, simply add-ons that seamlessly fit into your factor applications. Take various types of signals such as discrete, analog, and many others and convert them to smart protocols like IO-link, PICK-IQ, and Modbus.

S15F Filters

S15F in-line filters are a simple way to solve challenges with electrical noise and transient voltage that affect devices in your system. By installing these filters between your device and controller they improve signal integrity, and reduce troubleshooting time.

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