Moxa EDS-4000/G4000 Series


Managed Switches That Strengthen Your Network Resilience

Moxa’s EDS-4000/G4000 Series of industrial managed Ethernet switches unveils a new chapter of industrial networking. Their increased security, easy-to-use design, high performance and reliability strengthen your network resilience against any challenges.

Secure by Design to Safeguard Your Industrial Network

Image of Moxa EDS-4008 Series 8-port managed Ethernet switches with options of 4 802.3bt PoE ports or 4 Gigabit uplink portsMoxa’s line of managed Ethernet switches are IEC 62443-4-2 certified to safeguard your applications. Each switch comes standard with secure boot, device access control, and user authentication and authorization.


  • Secure by design to safeguard your industrial network
  • High power and bandwidth to accelerate OT/IT convergence
  • Power module accommodates different service stages
  • 68 models to fulfill various industrial automation needs


Why Moxa EDS-4000/G4000 Industrial Managed Switches?

Secure Your Industrial Networks

The IEC-62443-4-2 certified. EDS 4000/G4000 Series safeguards critical applications along with Moxa’s secure networking portfolios to block malicious activity.

Reduce Installation and Complexity

The EDS-4000/G4000 Series can meet multiple application requirements with its easy-to-use design and different power module options.

Accelerate Your OT/IT Convergence

As assets are increasingly interconnected, you’ll have to rely on high bandwidth, high-power PoE, and high network availability to accelerate digital transformation.