SMC Air Dryer Series

Mitigate humidity and protect downstream components from damage.

Water vapor and condensation from main lines of pneumatic systems are removed by refrigerated, membrane or heatless air dryersThe varying outlet pressure dew points of compressed air dryers mitigate humidity in the air line and help avoid corrosion to prolong pneumatic component lifespans.

Refrigerated Dryers

SMC’s IDFB Series standard inlet air temperature models reliably generate dew points down to 37°F and are suitable for most industrial applications.

  • 60 Hz operation
  • Maximum inlet air temperature: 149°F
  • Maximum flow at rated conditions
  • Environmentally friendly R134a or R407C refrigerants
  • Compact design

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Membrane Dryers

The membrane air dryer uses hollow fibers composed of a macromolecular membrane through which moisture passes easily but is difficult for air (oxygen and nitrogen) to pass through. These dryers are available as a single unit or combination unit style.


  • Power supply not required
  • Dew point indicator confirms drying at a glance
  • Discharged air noise reduced with built-in silencer

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Heatless Dryers

The ID series is best when dry air with a low dew point is needed and effectively supplies dry air with a low dew point below 30°C. The ID series is compact and lightweight. Its self-regenerative style allows for easy maintenance.

  • Inlet flow rates from 4 to 34 SCFM in four sizes
  • -22 and -58°F atmospheric dew point options
  • Dew point indicator standard
  • Maximum inlet air temperature: 122°F/50°C
  • Easy to maintain

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