Direct Teach, Plug and Play Human Collaborative Robot

Yaskawa Motoman collaborative robot (cobot) on a transparent backgroundThe 6-axis Yaskawa MOTOMAN HC10DTP enables humans to safely work with robots and is perfect for simple use of cobots in industrial applications. Its robust, lightweight manipulator housing has an IP67 protection rating, protecting it from dust, coolants, or welding spatter.

HC10DTP Collaborative Robot

Precision hand guiding facilitates easy programming for fast implementation of the robot system, while a pinch-less design featuring Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology constantly monitors force to quickly react to contact. Through-arm utilities hide cabling, including a Category 6 Ethernet cable, and a rugged IP67 rating allows use in harsh environments.


  • 10 kg Payload
  • 1,379 mm Maximum Reach
  • 1,200 Effective Reach
  • 05 mm Repeatability


  • Assembly, Dispensing, Machine Tending, Material Handling, Packaging
  • HC10DTP Brochure

Programming Options

Yaskawa Smart PendantSmart Pendant

User-friendly touchscreen teach pendant for novice robot users. Intuitive programming and operation using the Smart Pendant make this the optimal combination of capability and simplicity.

Smart Pendant Brochure

Standard Pendant

Yaskawa standard pendant on a white background

The advanced programming capability make this option ideal for high-performance, complex tasks.

  • Designed for efficient use by trained robot programmers
  • Ergonomically designed for extended use
  • For all robotic applications

Compact Controller

The HC10DTP is paired with the YRC1000micro controller, the smallest robot controller in its class. This advanced controller offers easy connectivity along with high speed, precision motion control.

Yaskawa compact controller on a transparent background

YRC1000micro Brochure