Collaborative Robot Safety White Paper


Robot Safety is Vital in the Workplace

Safety and efficiency—there are no greater reasons to invest in collaborative robots (cobots). Manufacturers deploy lines of these smart robots because they are safer to work with and can increase efficiency when working side by side with human counterparts on repetitive tasks.

While collaborative robots are equipped with numerous safety features, accidents and user errors can still happen during production. When accidents occur, they result in lost time for injured employees, temporary halts in production, medical costs for injuries and repair costs for machines, among other negative effects. That’s why it’s vital for businesses that employ cobots to know the industry standards and best practices for cobot safety, particularly when it comes to project stages and collaborative workspaces and operations.

This white paper will help you understand the safety standards and features of cobots and offer guidance for successfully deploying them, increasing safety and maximizing efficiency in your application.

Learn About:

  • Robot Safety Standards
  • Collaborative Robot Safety Features
  • Hand-Guided Teaching Options
  • Best Practices for Designing a Collaborative Space
  • Ways to Analyze Collaborative Operations
  • And more!