Motion Automation Intelligence’s Engineering Division is a single-source provider of fully-integrated equipment and software solutions for process automation, motion control and power & energy management. Our services are geared for both OEMs and end users anywhere in the U.S.

We provide everything from single component replacements and custom kitting programs, to retrofits and built-to-order installations. Our services include initial consultation, system design and build, installation, start-up commissioning and monitoring/reporting software.

Our value to you is that we offer exceptional product and technological expertise, as well as a commitment to service, safety and reliability unparalleled in the industry. By streamlining and optimizing your sourcing and supply chain resources, we can help lower costs, improve process effi­ciency and more effectively manage your power and energy use.

Our capabilities go well beyond that of an ordinary distributor. Our Engineering Division offers specialty engineering services and custom-manufactured products as well as systems and control solutions for a multitude of manufacturing and process industry requirements.

We can provide you with everything from cut-to-length profile rail, motor modifications and fitted hose to complex plant-wide automation controls and power & energy management systems.

Our expertise covers:

  • Process Automation
  • Motion Control
  • Electrical Panels
  • Machine Vision Systems
  • Motor & Component
  • Modifications
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Power & Energy Management
  • Hose & Fittings Assembly
  • Rail Cutting for Linear Motion
  • Test Systems
  • And so much more!

Every solution we deliver is custom-tailored and involves the total integration of value engineering, design and manufac­turing excellence backed by superb customer service and the best technical support in the industry.

 Motion Automation Intelligence’s Engineering Division can help you maximize and optimize machine and process line performance, reduce downtime and in­crease overall plant efficiency and productivity. 

Ultimately, we provide your company with maximum value, exceptional ROI, high reliabil­ity and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Motion Control Systems for Automation

Our deep understanding of precision movement and electrical, industrial, infrastructure and process manufacturing disciplines allows us to apply technologies in ways that less resourceful companies might never even consider.

Motion Control Core Competencies

We have resources and expertise to meet the demands of OEMs, industrial plants and commercial enterprises, including:

Motion Control Devices: Servo systems, stepper motors, drives, robotics and related components that provide me­chanical force to assure reliable movement in precise and repeatable ways.

Automation Products: Motion controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), I/O devices and systems for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Industrial Controls: Linear and rotary feedback devices, motor control & protection, contactors, relays, circuit break­ers, power supplies, wireless control, enclosures, enclosure climate control, signal lights, pushbuttons & selector switch­es, safety devices.

Innovative Solutions. Bottom Line Results.

Motion Control Expertise

Our staff of electrical, industrial and mechanical engineers will draw upon their talents, experience and knowledge of exist­ing and emerging technologies and work with you to develop innovative and effective motion control solutions for a wide variety of challenges.

Our network of North American facilities makes us a leading provider of automation, motion control and energy solutions, offering the economies of scale necessary to deliver high-val­ue products and services, while providing customers with the local service and support they need and expect. Through our broad-based capabilities, extensive experience, time-proven processes, cutting edge facilities and technical knowledge, our customers enjoy lower total costs of owner­ship which leads to higher returns on investments.

Motion Control Capabilities

engineered solutions

We provide engineered process and machine automation control solutions and advanced energy management sys­tems. Often acting as an extension of our customers’ engi­neering teams, we base each custom solution on individual business goals, technical specifications and commercial re­quirements.

Our engineered solutions entail both engineering and integration services over a wide variety of applications, including:

Automation, motion control, information technology, robotics, overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
Control panel design and assembly, custom-built variable frequency drives
Instrumentation, SCADA, telemetry/wireless communications, networking and PLC programming
Power distribution, monitoring and measurement, energy management lighting control, critical power and custom power equipment
Data center integration project management, critical systems communications and data collection, supply integration and startup
OEMS and systems integrators have come to rely on our design capabilities and engineering support from concept to production to enhance their manufacturing processes, leveraging our experience, customer training, technical support, kitting, outsourcing and other value added services to meet their objectives.

Put Your Automation Solution In Motion