When it comes to machine design, there are many things to consider such as choosing the right machine/motion control, fieldbus, HMI, IIoT alternatives, the right size and kind of motors, mechanical actuation techniques, and safety products for your automation application.

Automation safety devices not only keep your workers safe, but they also boost production capacity by maintaining the efficiency of your automation systems and frequently preventing shutdowns.

#1: Safety Emergency Stop Devices

Designed to halt equipment functions in emergency situations, E-Stop devices are a crucial component of a complete safety circuit. 

#2: Forcibly Guided Relays

Important for safety circuits and redundant control systems, relays with forcibly guided contacts contain terminals that are arranged for easy PCB/panel layout. 

#3: Safety Door Switches

Interlock switches detect the opening of guards or doors to prevent unauthorized access to hazardous areas and ensure the safe implementation of emergency equipment stoppages. 

#4: Safety Light Curtains and Safety Laser Scanners

From simple light curtains for basic ON/OFF detection to more advanced devices for complex solutions, we have the ideal safety technology to meet your needs. 

#5: Safety Mats and Edges

Protect your team with an efficient combination of safety mats, edges and bumpers as part of a complete safety solution. 

#6: Safety Monitoring Relays and Programmable Safety Systems

Safety relays and programmable systems feature wide-ranging functionality, low maintenance needs and compact housing to help you save space. 

#7: Safety Switches and Operator Controls

Improve the safety of your application with switches and operator controls that have a long life and are suitable for harsh environments. 

#8: Safety Controllers

Safety controllers provide fail-safe communication between nodes such as safety I/O blocks, safety interlock switches, safety light curtains and safety PLCs in safety applications up to Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 according to IEC 61508 standards

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