Manufacturers today are studying the obstacles and benefits of automating processes that may have long been manual. Those companies that have adapted automation, and have enjoyed the benefits it brings, are constantly looking to improve the speed and efficiency on their future applications to increase their productivity.

Depending on the application you are working with, you may require linear actuator/robot assemblies or some other industrial robot to perform these tasks with speed, safety and precision.

Linear Actuators and Linear Robots

Linear actuators are devices that provide motion in a straight line. Linear robots are those that pair with these types of actuators. These linear robots come in a variety of configurations and can be tailored for your application requirements. They can be fully configured and delivered in the exact size and form that fits your
application’s needs.

Human Collaborative Robots

Human collaborative robots are those that are specifically designed to work closely (and safely) alongside human counterparts. This collaboration involves new ideas and technology for robotic arms that reduce their strength and speed, new types of joints, softer materials, and using advanced sensors to shut down the cobot safely if it accidentally collides with someone.

Mini Robots

Mini Robots are equipped with the highest acceleration in a small robotic arm, reducing cycle time and boosting productivity. Internal cabling and air lines minimize interference with other process equipment, and a variety of mounting options accommodate high-density factory layouts.

Robots for Industrial Manufacturing Applications

Providing powerful, yet easy-to-use, technology for quick and easy implementation of a robot system is our goal. Many robotic lines offer simple, intuitive programming methods, reducing execution complexity and operator training investment. Easily adaptable, these robots make automation easy for demanding manufacturing requirements in almost any industry.

Let Motion Ai Help You Automate

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