Dimension, Weight and Scan Solution

Dimension, Weight and Scan Solution

Gather information quickly and accurately, saving time and money.

This application allows an operator to quickly gather dimension data for a product’s length, width and height. These measurements are collected in milliseconds while the product is stationary, thus replacing the traditionally time-consuming manual task of measuring with hand tools. In addition to gathering the dimensional data, the product’s physical weight is captured using a postal scale, further increasing efficiency.

How the DWS works:

The captured data is appended to the unique product identifier either from a barcode scan or keyboard entry. The associated data is stored in a local CSV file or can be connected to the customer’s existing systems to eliminate manual recording processes. These custom designs come in various options for inspecting and dimensioning.


  • Eliminates manual errors
  • Prevents human injury and product damage
  • Reduces labor cost and increases profit margins
  • Is easy to customize according to company needs
  • Increases quality control
  • Scans several products per hour

The dynamic profilers of the DWS system accurately and quickly record the product’s dimensions (length, breadth, height and volume) in the database. These systems, which can scan many products, contain barcode scanners for quick sorting after the automated process.

Due to their unequaled productivity and accuracy, parcel dimension scanners, pallet dimension scanners and package dimension scanners are widely used in the e-commerce industry and warehouses.

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