January 5, 2023

Why should you utilize CODESYS?

CODESYS stands for controller development system. While some may appreciate a good acronym, knowing what CODESYS stands for does not indicate what it is or why automation systems designers should employ it. What Does CODESYS […]
December 13, 2022

The Story of Motion Ai

Motion Automation Intelligence came about as a strategic path to position Motion Industries as an automation leader across our industrial base of customers.
December 5, 2022

Guide on Industrial Networking and Connectivity Solutions

How do you monitor and control your systems and machines to streamline and optimize operations as an industrial enterprise? For industries to operate effectively and efficiently, there is a need to adopt industrial communication and networking solutions. […]
December 5, 2022

Factory floor network segmentation improves operations

There is much discussion in the industry about factory data: what to collect, how to collect it, and even how much data is enough. And what if we collect too much data and don’t know […]
October 28, 2022

Machine Guarding for Safety and Productivity

Even though machine automation has advanced significantly, people are still needed to run and maintain these machines in the industry.  Machine guarding is crucial to protecting the health and safety of employees.
October 28, 2022

Position Control for Pneumatic Systems

Position control for pneumatic systems is important for a rod-less cylinder to work at maximum capacity. Situation: Your rod-less air cylinder needs to move to mid position repeatedly. The air cylinder hits a midpoint sensor […]
October 26, 2022

It’s Time for Custom Engineering Solutions

Consider your manufacturing process, your goals and your pain points. What has worked in the past, and what is definitely not working now? Custom engineering may be the answer. It enables you to provide exactly […]
October 24, 2022

Motion Ai Opens New Facility in Minnesota

As we expand, Motion Ai in Eden Prairie has moved to a nearby facility to support you better. Effective May 4, 2022, our address changed.
October 12, 2022

Discover Motion Ai

Motion Ai is the leading high-tech solution provider for industrial automation across the United States. We partner with the industry’s best manufacturers to bring you best-in-class products and custom solutions for your automation applications.
October 6, 2022

Improve Your Pneumatic System Safety: Choosing the Right Air Solenoid Valve

Improve Your Pneumatic System Safety: Choosing the Right Air Solenoid Valve Deciding what solenoid air valves to use for your pneumatic system can be overwhelming. It can make the decision challenging and confusing. Questions like: […]